Catie Curran is a recent graduate of the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her inspiration stems from the natural world and the fascinating world of historical jewelry. She has always used alternative materials and has recently discovered the beauty of beetles. Through the use of elytra, the hardened fore wing of beetles, she wishes to blur the line between ugly and beauty and asks the question, 'why can't ugly things be beautiful?'

It is not only in the conventional that we find beauty. It can be seen in the decay, the unjust, the stipulation of a nation and the ignorance that always follows. Inspiration can be found in the things people never seem to notice. It is in these things that she allows herself to fully explore.  She is inspired by the counter culture; the opposing forces that govern our state; the obliviousness of our nation. Dystopian economy, indulgence, and the fear of full freedom from the government, although quite unappealing concepts themselves, can be turned into something of great beauty for the  purpose of shedding light. Reaction is the beginning. Through the unconventional media of jewelry, she wishes to dispose of the veil of ignorance.