About My Work


I began my obsession with beetle jewelry in college when I decided that I wanted to explore the fine line between disgust and intrigue. To me, that line was particularly thin regarding beetles because I had a fear of bugs but the jewel beetles were just so beautiful that I had to share!

So, I started my business after realizing that I love creating pieces for the woman who wants something a little bit different than the norm.

Each piece is handcrafted in my studio and I strive to give you jewelry worthy of your greatness. I bring you alternative materials, like the gorgeous elytra beetle wings, that are a surefire way to start meaningful conversations. My jewelry brings out the curiosity in every person who wears, sees, or touches it.
I ensure the quality in each piece I make so you can keep wowing those strangers over and over. Even grandma approved!

I want you to feel like the badass butterfly you are!
I guarantee you’ll love your new Catie Curran Designs piece!

Frequently asked questions

Care instructions

Beetle wings are fragile, but they will withstand normal, everyday wear.
For necklaces that have sewn beetle wings on, be careful not to get leather pieces wet. For best results, store pieces in the box they came.
For metal jewelry, tarnish can be removed with store bought tarnish remover.

Gift wrapping and packaging

I do have gift wrapping available for free. Please message me if you would like to include it with your order. If you are shipping a gift to a friend please let me know in the comments what type of message to include with the gift.

Are those real beetle wings?

Yes! They are taxidermy fore wings (called the elytra) of the Jewel beetle native to Thailand.

How many beetles did you have to kill to get all of those wings and where do you find them?

I did not personally kill a single beetle in the making of your jewelry! Jewel beetles only have a four day lifespan and, once they die, they shed their wings. They are ethically farmed and harvested in Thailand.